Monday, November 16, 2009

MNF Live Blog! Live! Part 4

Continued from part 3

10:57 The Ravens run a half back pass, because, hey, why not? It doesn't work. 4th down.

10:59 The announcers get bored and start talking about Lebron James. I don't blame them.

11:01 Chris Carr continues to suck at returning punts. He must have faked his references or something. How else does someone get $5M to do something they suck at?

11:05 The Ravens get a 15 yard penalty and then run the ball for a gain of 1 on first and 25. It's like they don't know I have money riding on this. Meanwhile, Jaworski claims Mark Clayton, who hasn't missed a game in 2 years, is always injured.

11:12 I've been trying to find something to write about for 7 minutes, no luck. Meanwhile ESPN has resorted to showing John Gruden's college game film.

11:14 Chris Carr forgets about the fair catch rule for the league record 469th time and gets hit in the mouth as punishment.

11:19 The crew decides to cover their asses with the "been in a coma for 36 hours" demographic by talking more about the Pats-Colts game from last night. For the record, I think he should have punted. But I don't have three Super Bowl rings.

11:25 We've now entered the make excuses for Brady Quinn portion of the evening. While this is going on, Cleveland decides to give up and punts on 4th down with 4 minutes left.

11:30 Two minute warning as the Ravens lifelessly bleed away the clock. This is the worst shutout in team history. What an abhorrent game.

11:33 With 1:55 left, the Browns use their last time out. I guess because their fans haven't been through enough without drawing out this game.

11:35 As the last seconds wind down, Gruden "doesn't know if Brady Quinn was very good tonight." You think so, doctor?

11:37 On the last couple of snaps, Quinn takes his last chance to heave two throws 50 yards out of bounds. And finally, mercifully, this abomination of a football game is over. I've never been so dissatisfied with a win.

Thanks for following. Good night.

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